Meet Our Staff

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  • Todd Bennett
    Dealer Principal / Executive Manager

    Todd Bennett has worked at Bruce Bennett Nissan for 40 years. Okay, not that long...but it's been a long time. Todd recently purchased the dealership from Bruce (who retired) and has vowed to make sure BBN remains a great place to purchase a car. Mr. Bennett's a Dallas Cowboys fan, so sometimes he's sad.

  • Christina Magnotta
    General Sales Manager
    203-544-8371 x 217

    Christina Magnotta has recently been promoted to General Sales Manager at Bruce Bennett Nissan. If you've purchased a car from us sometime in the last 12 years, chances are you know Christina. Christina enjoys taking pictures (really good ones) and loves the NBA.

  • Mike Papadakis
    Sales Manager
    203-544-8371 x 234

    Mike Papadakis plays golf and goes to Ranger games. If you're looking to chat about either of those things, he's your man.

  • Declan McCllelan
    Sales Manager

    Declan McCellelan has been with Bruce Bennett Nissan for almost 5 years and was recently promoted to Sales Manager.

  • Brian Eckert
    Service and Parts Director
    203-544-8371 x 101

    Brian Eckert was recently promoted to Service & Parts Director.  If you like The Walking Dead stop in and see Brian during your next service visit. He won't mind chatting about the latest episode with you.

  • Matt Wilson
    Marketing Director
    203-544-8371 x 223

    If you've seen a BBN TV commercial or heard us on the radio or found us on the internet that's because Matt has done his job. (Or you just know how to use Google). Matt's a lifelong Mets fan and he's a Tom Brady fan and takes a lot of heat for that.

  • Jason Reis
    Business Manager
    203-544-8371 x 218

    Jason Reis LOVES his Nissan Frontier. We've never really seen him haul anything around in the back of that thing, but he still loves it.

  • Chris Browne
    Sales Professional
    203-544-8371 x 208

    Chris Browne has been with Bruce Bennett Nissan for a long time. We stopped counting, but trust us, it's a long time. If you're a customer of Chris Browne's she remembers your name, your children' names and your pet iguanas names. And if you're NOT a customer of Chris's - you've probably chatted with her in the showroom anyway.  


  • Jorge Campozano
    Sales Professional
    203-544-8371 x 201

    Jorge might be the nicest/friendliest guy on our staff. He was nervous, but we just put him in one of our TV commercials. He signs autographs on Monday's between 2pm-4pm.

  • Jesse Castillo
    Sales Professional
    203-544-8371 x 226

  • Jaycee Cuevas
    Sales Professional
    203-544-8371 x 202

    Jaycee Cuevas has years of experience in the car business - he loves working at Bruce Bennett Nissan but would probably be a lot happier if we were located in the Caribbean.

  • Brian Fitzgibbons
    Sales Professional

    Brian loves to help customers find the car that's right for their life. Sometimes he hides a free Nissan coffee mug in the back so when you get home with your new car it's like a little treat just for you. Nice guy, right?

  • Mark Fracker
    Sales Professional
    203-544-8371 x 216

    Mark is one of our newest Sales Professionals. He's a HUGE Mets fan. He's such a big Mets fan that he occasionally wears a Mets tie.  And by occasionally we mean all the time.  And by tie we mean tie, vest, shirt, jacket or anything Mets-colored for that matter.  #LGM

  • Matthew Manuele
    Sales Professional

  • David Reyes-Guerra
    Sales Professional
    203-544-8371 x 207

    DR-G is noted for providing a "thumbs up" customer experience each and every time. Whether you're in the market for a Rogue, Rogue Sport, Altima, Sentra, Maxima or Pathfinder, or you're a local business looking for a commercial vehicle like our NV200, NV1500 or NV2500 cargo van - DR-G's your guy!!

  • Priscilla Urena
    Sales & Leasing Professional
    203.544.8371 x211

  • Warren Wadsworth
    Sales Consultant
    203.544.8371 x210

  • Amie Bennett
    Business Development Manager
    203-544-8371 x 227

    When your lease is almost up you'll hear from Amie Bennett - she wants to make sure your next move is a smooth one. Keeping your car?  Leasing another one? Turning it in? Amie will lay out all your options and make the process easy. Plus, she runs the Bruce Bennett Nissan Doggy Daycare center. If you're looking for a furry friend, ask to see Bentley when you're here.

  • Azalia Rangel
    Customer Service Representative
    203-544-8371 x 104

    If you get your car serviced at BBN you've probably gotten a call or text or email from Azalia. Her job is to make sure you've had an excellent experience in our service department.

  • Sue Demecs
    Title Clerk
    203-544-8371 x 127

    You know how going to DMV is a pain in the neck? Thanks to Sue, you don't have to. She's like your own little personal DMV. If you see Sue around the dealership be sure to thank her for keeping you out of line.

  • Dana Basta

    When you come to BBN Dana may be the first person you see. We like to put the friendly ones up front.

  • Liz Champagne
    Art Director

    Liz works in our Marketing Department and is the keeper of pretzels, almonds, cashews and other snacks.

  • Gina Stabile

    Gina does it all. Seriously, everything.

  • John Sosa
    Inventory Manager

  • Bob Furman
    Service Manager
    203-544-8371 x 103

    If you're a Bruce Bennett Nissan service customer you know Bob Furman. Period, end of story.

  • John Rugen
    Parts Manager
    203-544-8371 x 122

    John Rugen was recently promoted to Parts Manager because of his encyclopedic knowledge of Nissan parts. What part is Nissan parts number 4589764A?  John knows.

  • Jeff Chacua
    Service Advisor
    203-544-8371 x 203

    Look at that smile - if you're bringing your car in for service, turn your head to the left and you'll see Jeff waiting to help you out.

  • Mary Lopiano
    Express Service Advisor
    203-544-8371 x 100

    You may know Mary as - the person who used to come outside in the freezing cold or 100-degree heat to meet you when you pulled up to our service department - well, now we moved Mary inside and gave her a chair. She's pretty happy.

  • Fanny Zhicay

  • Carlos Florez

  • Jim Bendtzen
    Shop Foreman
    203-544-8371 x 109

    This is the guy who keeps it all running in the shop. Nobody services more Nissans than Bruce Bennett Nissan and Jim makes sure it's all running smoothly in our shop.

  • John Kroha

  • Luis Garcia
    Express Service Advisor
    203-544-8371 x 105

    Need an oil change? Tire rotations? Need to service your car on a Sunday? Luis is right inside the front door at our service department and ready to help.

  • Rob DaCosta
    Nissan Master Technician

    Rob is a Master Technician. Is there anything cooler than having the word "Master" in your job title? Probably not.

  • Rob Rojas
    Parts Advisor
    203-544-8371 x 120

    Rob knows a lot about Parts. That's why he's a parts advisor.  So he can advise you on the aforementioned parts.

  • Austin Bernard

  • Robert Bernard

  • Don Seaborn
    Loaner & Rental Concierge

    If you're looking to pay your bill, rent a car or see a huge smile - Don is the guy you need to see.

  • Jaydee Wilson
    Customer Service Representative
    203.544.8321 x106

  • Corey Velasquez
    Wholesale Parts Representative
    203-544-8371 x 121

    If we held a competition on who knows more about parts in our parts department, Corey would be in the top 5 for sure.  Of course, we only have 5 guys in our parts department.  

  • James Loveras
    Parts Advisor
    203-544-8371 x 174

    James knows parts.  In fact, knows parts is his middle name.  James He Knows Parts Loveras.  It barely fits on his passport.

  • Danny Ferriera

  • Jorge Delgado
    Service Technician

  • Herb Lundgren
    Service Technician

  • Tony Rivera
    Service Technician

  • Luis Umpierre
    Service Technician

  • Glenn Benton

  • Luis Albir

  • Pete Atherton

  • Nelson Silva

  • Bentley