Nissan Lease Return Center in Wilton, CT Near Norwalk

What options are available to lessees at the end of their lease deals in the Wilton, CT area? Any lessee in the Wilton, CT area in need of assistance at the end of a lease deal should contact the team at the Bruce Bennett Nissan Lease Return Center. Our hardworking team will give you the help you need to make a decision about whether to lease a new vehicle, or keep your current one. Get in touch with our team to learn more about your available options.

Your Options at Our Nissan Lease Return Center

The end of a lease deal doesn't mean that your options are limited. Most lease deals last several years, and your needs and budget might be completely different. The team at our dedicated Lease Return Center knows that the end of a lease can be confusing, but every driver has at least four options when they reach the end of their lease deal.

No matter which option you choose, the Lease Return Center at Bruce Bennett Nissan in Wilton, CT is here to help. Whether you're looking for a new lease deal or a temporary rental car, our team can assist you.

Lease Timeline

The timeline for the end of a lease deal is remarkably similar for most customers in the Wilton, CT area. Typically, most leases start thinking about their next vehicle about six months before the lease deal expires. A standard end of lease timeline is as follows:

  • 6 Months Remaining. This is when people usually want to wait until the very end of their lease to make a decision. It could be a bad idea to wait longer because you may have equity accumulated in your current lease and there could be an opportunity to get a new vehicle early. It's time to consider your options carefully, but don't rush to a decision. You still have some time.
  • 3 Months Remaining. If you haven't explored your options by now, it's time to get cracking. Most dealers, including Bruce Bennett Nissan, should be able to help you get into a new vehicle at this stage. There's still time, but you need to get to work on making a decision.
  • 1 Month Remaining. Time is definitely running low now. Call the team at Bruce Bennett Nissan to discuss your options and responsibilities with a lease-end specialist. At this point, it's time to get your vehicle inspection report completed. Every leased vehicle is only allowed a certain amount of "wear and tear." A certified inspector will complete your inspection and provide a detailed report.
  • Alternate Option. If you truly can't decide what to do by the end of your lease, you should contact the rental department at our Nissan dealership. Think of a rental as an extended test drive while you make up your mind.

Contact the team at the Bruce Bennett Nissan Lease Return Center to discuss your options at any point in your lease agreement. Our Wilton, CT area Lease Return Center is dedicated to providing the highest level of service available for all our customers nearing the end of their lease. Get in touch with our team through our website or by phone at (888) 232-8103 to get additional information on end-of-lease services available to you. 



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